Managing Partner

Ingmar Klein

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, Ingmar discovered a passion for entrepreneurship at a very young age. He began his journey at 14 years old by coding an app for the research team of Prof. Dr. Fierlinger at the Cluster for theoretical physics in Munich. After several internships in the field of science and later in the business and investment banking sector, he moved on to found the Marketing Consultancy Young & Digital.

Ingmar focuses on developing distinct narratives for growing brands.

Curious Mind

Worked at TRIUMF (Canada's premier physics laboratory) and at the Technical University Munich


Speaker @McKinsey, @Technical University of Munich

Risk Taker

Entrepreneur, Stock-trader


Co-Founder of WasteBuddy, Winner of Startup Price Generation-D

Managing Partner

Cole Alexander

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Cole discovered a passion for the capital markets at a very young age. He began his journey trading stocks at just 13 years old. He was acquainted with some of the top marketers in the world (ranked #1 on Forbes) who quickly recognized his talent and introduced him into their network.

He’s now helping companies in the public sectors achieve their goals online.


Licensed Broker


Independent and practical


Early Blockchain Enthusiast


Executes Daily

Partner | Vancouver

Cooper McKenzie

Passionate about e-commerce, technology, and capital markets. Cooper started his journey at a young age from exposure to his father’s company, which created the Vancouver coffee scene 30 years ago. Growing up, Cooper was the young mind that helped mold an online presence for his father’s company through web development, e-commerce, and social media.

Today, he is driven to deliver projects that exceed the client’s expectations and position them for online growth in our contemporary ever-changing world.

Emotional Intelligence

High EQ & detecting and analyzing consumer’s emotions


Associated with an array of investors

Risk Taker

Stock & options trader


A burning desire

Partner | London

Parham Rakhshanfar

Born in Tehran and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Parham developed a passion for business and entrepreneurship from a very young age. He began his journey trading stocks, which supplied him with the necessary business acumen to begin sourcing investments and connecting purchasers for property deals and developments in the Middle East. Shortly after, he moved to London, United Kingdom to pursue a Business Management and IT degree at UCL. He has a track record of developing numerous partnerships across a variety of industries, namely, companies such as KPMG, QuantumBlack, Entrepreneur First and Amazon.

Parham is now focused on developing businesses on a global-scale through strategic partnerships and synergistic alliances.


Partnerships Director at UCL Entrepreneurs, largest Entrepreneurs Society in the UK

Problem Solver

Winner of PwC AI Challenge Top 3 in Barclays Financial Challenge (M&A)


Currently exploring ventures at the intersection of AI, IoT & 5G


Certified Project Manager


Charlotte Franke

Born and raised in Munich, Charlotte soon found her passion in physics and in building sustainable companies that have an impact on our world. She’s co-founded the start-up WasteBuddy which develops biodegradable wastebags and became 2nd place at the Startup competition “Generation-D” of the Bavarian Elite Academy. After having visited the resreach institutes CERN and DESY, Charlotte now studies physics at the ETH Zurich and has great interest in Machine Learning and innovative technologies.


Visited CERN and DESY, Participant in the ETH Blockchain week, ETH Mobility week, ETH Machine Learning


Co-founded WasteBuddy


Finished high-school with high distinction


Studies Physics at the ETH Zurich


Bora Sayer

Born in Ankara, Turkey,  and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Bora discovered his passion towards understanding the financial markets from a very young age. He has relevant work experience with various accounting firms and investment banks in London, United Kingdom, where he is currently an aspiring student of Finance. Growing up in a family that has been involved in the upstream oil business for generations has supplied Bora with extensive knowledge on commodities economics and trade, furthermore, Bora has developed a vast global network of friends which has supplied him with the necessary acumen to begin sourcing investments and projects.


- Investment Banking Experience at Hannam & Partners, London, UK - Management Accounting experience at Humphrey & Co, London, UK


- Possesses a vast network of friends and prospective investors at the global scale


- BSc Finance from the University of Westminster, London, UK - Co-founder Trading and Investment Society UoW


Speaks Turkish and English


Jordan Jarvis

Born and raised on the North Shore in British Columbia, Jordan found a passion for marketing and advertising at an early age. He also developed a deep interest in investing by observing his father, who has been a successful investment advisor since the mid-nineties. Jordan has been an active trader, and student of the capital markets, since he was in eighth grade. With his strong interpersonal skills, Jordan has built up a powerful network of like-minded individuals from around Vancouver which contributed to the formation and growth of the company.


Dedicated and thorough


Displays strong initiative


Ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties


Intense and eager enjoyment and interest


Anton Lang

Anton Lang is a real problem solver with creative and innovative ideas.
In highschool he participated and won in ”Jugend Forscht” and “European Space Elevator Challenge”. He is passionate, result orientated and an innovative thinker.
In school he already started learning CAD programs and after school began as a freelance 3D construction designer.
He studies bilingual manufacturing and automation management in Munich.
Experienced in design and stategy management he can face successfully all professional challenges.

Innovative Thinker

Winner of the Award ‘Jugend forscht’ and ‘EUSPEC’

Result orientated

2 years of successful CAD construction business

Fast learner

3D construction design and growth marketing

Disciplined & Quick Executor