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2019 Young & Digital holdings inc.

We are a multilateral company

We take our Future into our own hands.

Watch speech of CO-Founder Ingmar on climate change

The principles of a multilateral company

A truly holistic approach takes all aspects into account.

We care. We gain motivation from meaning, not money. In monthly sessions, we gather together to tackle challenging problems with our resourcefulness. At the moment we are implementing two ideas: 

Status of our climate protection project

Status of Mission:Brückenbau



We follow our philanthropic goals with the same focus and ambition as when dealing with clients. We are good capitalists!

Sense of humor

Sense of humor

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.



The most disruptive weapon for David is his resourcefulness. When Goliath comes up with DC, invent AC!

Open mind

Open mind

We are always receptive to new ideas. We rather listen than talk. We rather learn than trying to explain.

Take a look at what we’re working on

Our company's policy on climate change

Climate Protection

We offer a more attractive pricing model

for companies that are proven to be sustainable

and ecologically future-oriented.

In addition, we have made it our mission to invest 3%

of our turnover in the reforestation of trees.

Our initiative to facilitate integration

Mission: Brückenbau

We simplify the integration of refugees in Germany

by connecting local mentors with foreign mentees.

Become a mentor and help fugitives integrate!


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